Blebox tempSensor AC

1 to 20 meters overall measuring probes length

You can use 1 to 4 probes. The wires of probes are connected to terminals in parallel. To power the tempSensor AC you will need a 230 V AC power cord. You can have as many tempSensors AC as you require. The wBox app will serve them all. Shop Now

Wi-Fi connectivity

You can connect your temperature sensor to your wi-fi router at 2.4 MHz in order to see the readings wherever you are. See the current reading and a history of up to one year. You can also export the history of measurements to a file. Use the app wBox for Android or iOS.
You will find them along with a Windows app here: APPS

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Get notified and control other devices

You can set up to 30 actions that a tempSensor AC will do when certain criteria are met. It's the temperature you want to control. So you can set up a notification to receive a push message when the temperature is below or over your requirements. You can also use one of the Blebox wi-fi switches to act. The tempSensor AC will talk to them so they can turn on or off any electrical device. Or use a GET HTTP message to talk to other wi-fi devices that have their API. For example you  can use Shelly switches, Hubitat hub or Home Assistant.

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