Blebox tempSensor


1 to 20 meters measuring probe

The probe is fixed to the body and is not replaceable. Order the probe's length you measure first. To power the tempSensor you will need a 5V DC power adapter with a micro USB cable. Any old phone charger will do as Blebox tempSensor uses only
200 mA. You can have as many tempSensors as you require. The wBox app will serve them all. 

Wi-Fi connectivity

You can connect your temperature sensor to your wi-fi router at 2.4 MHz in order to see the readings wherever you are. See the current reading and a history of up to one year. You can also export the history of measurements to a file. Use the app wBox for Android or iOS.
A PC Windows app can be downloaded from here: APPS


Get notified and control other devices

You can set up to 30 actions that a tempSensor will do when certain criterias are met. It's the temperature you want to control. So you can set up a notification to receive a push message when the temperature is below or over your requirements. You can also use one of the Blebox wi-fi switches to act. The tempSensor will talk to them so they can turn on or off any electrical device. Or use a GET HTTP message to talk to other wi-fi devices that have their API. For example you can use Shelly switches, Hubitat hub or Home Assistant.

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